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Administrative College Prep Certifications


A.C.A. Administrative College Advisory - Level I


Overview The A.C.A.C. Level I certification training will teach administrators the NCAAA core standards of college advisement for high school student athletes.  Administrators will understand the best practices needed to make their organizations compliant on NCAA and NAIA rules and regulations. They will also gain the knowledge necessary to assess whether or not their staff members are correctly advising student-athletes correctly during the college academic and athletic transition and selection process.  This will give administrators the knowledge necessary to allow for better evaluation of current and future college prep support for their student-athletes and parents.


This is an interactive and multi-media workshop for coaches.  During the training, coaches will work in small groups and individually. It is an expectation that coaches are active during the workshop and enjoy their learning experience.


How to best prepare; Review the current information on NCAA and NAIA recruiting guidelines and any protocol their organization currently has to support their student-athletes and employees with college prep.