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Who belongs to the NCAAAA?

The NCAAA services High School athletic departments, national, regional and local youth sports clubs across the United States and Canada. Our members include former professional, colleigant and amateur athletes as well as coaches and athletic administrators.


What age group does the NCAAA services?

There is no shortage of support that the NCAAA will not provide to its member organization across North America. NCAAA programs are tailor made to suit an age appropriate curriculum that will help in the development of student-athletes. Programs currently range from age 5 through junior college services.


How does the NCAAA help improve our club, high school or organization?

Until the founding of the NCAAA there was no organization that assessed, evaluate, and supported the academic and athletic standards needed for clubs and high schools to properly assist student-athletes, parents, coaches and administrators during the collegiate transitional process.  The NCAAA’s curriculum has been developed my experts in the field of education and athletics.


What standards are used by the NCAAA?

Through the 15 Standards (that include NCAA, NAIA, Prep Schools and Junior College), the NCAAA provides the necessary feedback and support to enrich the comprehensive and correct approach to becoming a student-athlete at the college level.  Parents want to know that the information they are being given by coaches and administrators with the appropriate high school and college ACADEMIC & ATHLETIC credentials.

The NCAAA’s curriculum has been developed with the assistance from the following professionals:

Athletic Directors – College Admission Advisors – College Prep Coordinators – SAT/ACT Specialists

High School Counselors – School Superintendents – High School Principals – Club Coaches –

Club Presidents – High School Coaches – Parents – College Athletes – High School Athletes 

Sports Psychologists  - College Athletes – Sports Booster Club Presidents

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Why should coaches and administrators get certified?

This is one of the biggest areas of need on the national scale. Because of the close relationship that coaches have with their players and parents, many time THEY are the ones that influence decisions during the college search and selection process.  We have seen through our surveys and data research that the majority of the coaches didn’t have the appropriate resources or training to support athletes and families properly. Although they had the best intentions, 93% of the time, mistakes were made with paperwork, recruiting violations or general advice to parents/athletes. 


What materials are offered?

Having the appropriate educational and athletic knowledge (and perspective) on this process is the key to giving student-athletes and their families the best opportunity to find a great college fit. Our licensing process for coaches and administrators affords them the opportunity to grow professionally and increase the qualifications of the entire staff.