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How do I Apply?


Step 1 - Contact Us at -

Submitting this request tells NCAAA you would like to hear more about the program via email and also conference call. We will contact you within 48 hrs.


Step 2 - Conference Call with NCAAA and/or NCAAA certified implementation company.

Conference call to review email materials sent and question and answer. 

Schedule meeting with company president/general manager.


Step 3 - Meeting with athletic director and/or principal/counselors

P.A.C.E. presentation review question and answer session (NCAAA representatives and/or certified consultants/affiliates)

Athletic Organization Self Assessment Survey


Step 4  - Submit P.A.C.E. application

Accepted or denied


Step 5 - Begin implementation process

Meet with NCAAA rep to discuss individualized implementation process and schedule appropriate to respective organization.


















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