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What is the NCAAA?

The NCAAA is the accredited national governing body which certifies clubs, high schools, and organizations in the areas of academics and athletics. The focus is placed on academic & athletic transition from middle school to high school and high school to college. The NCAAA offers its accredited P.A.C.E. program which evaluates, educates, implements and certifies appropriate NCAA academic, athletic and eligibility compliance standards for entire athletic organizations and high schools. Curriculum for the NCAAA was developed in a collaborative effort from the following individuals over a 3 year period. Data was collected and analyzed from elite, competitive and recreational athletic organizations. A committee of education and athletic professionals created the most comprehensive approach to ensure that academic, athletic, compliance and eligibility needs are met. The NCAAA offers accredited certification workshops for coaches, parents and players as well as certified conferences for club and high school administrators.


What professionals gave input during the development?




High School Superintendents  High School Athletic Directors
High School Principals  Club and High School Coaches
High School Counselors  College Coaches (DI, DII, DIII, Ju-Co, NAIA)
High School Teachers   Club Presidents and Directors of Coaching
College Admissions Advisors 

Parents and Players

College Prep Advisors  Sports Psychologists
College Professors       Athletic Trainers


Where is the NCAAA?

 The NCAAA is currently serving club programs throughout the United States and Canada.


History of the NCAAA

The principles of the NCAAA were developed early at the turn of the century. While college athletics have exploded over the past twenty years, the feeder system to collegiate athletics has also moved to the forefront of national attention. While youth sports at the high school level will continue to play a key roll in athletics, the twenty first century has proven the roll of local club organizations are now a major factor in the transition phase. This changed concerned a group of college coaches, high school educators and parents as to the validation of local club organizations. Thus with the support of educational institutions the NCAAA was formed to help validate and advise local club organizations through the transition to the collegiate game.


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